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PlainTon,in the Barber ShopEdit

1774: Oxygen discovered

1817: Cadmium discovered

1895: Helium discovered

1898: Radium discovered

1952: Einsteinium discovered

GlacierTon,in the City HallEdit

1937: "War Admiral won American Triple Crown"

1948: "Citation won American Triple Crown"

1973: "Secretariat won American Triple Crown"

1977: "Affirmed won American Triple Crown"

1978: "Seattle Slew won American Triple Crown"

GlacierTon,in the BankEdit

1497: "de Gama reached the Cape Of Good Hope"

1513: "Balboa reached the Pacific Ocean"

1835: "Darwin reached the Galapagos Islands"

1969: "Armstrong and Aldrin reached the Moon"

MeadowTon,in the City HallEdit

1853: "West Australian won English Triple Crown"

1866: "Lord Lyon won English Triple Crown"

1886: "Ormonde won English Triple Crown"

1900: "Diamond Jubilee won English Triple Crown"

1915: "Pommem wom English Triple Crown"

1918: "Gainsborough won English Triple Crown"

1935: "Bahram won English Triple Crown"

1970: "Nijinsky won English Triple Crown"


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