Vole Holes is a mini-game that can be found outside, not in buildings. I'd say Vole Holes is a very easy game to play. The reward depends on the difficulty of the game. There are 3 levels in the game, and you must complete all 3 levels to get your reward

When you enter the game, you will become the little mole who is trying to get to his grape. To get to that grape, it will have to pass through holes. The mole cannot get through the short grass/bushes.


  • the easiest way to find the way to the grape is to just go in random holes, and you'll enventually find the grape.
  • you could make notes of which hole goes to which if you are REALLY confused.

Introduction written by: Pearly(not a member)

Big Forest Isle,in the woodsEdit

Vole Hole Big Forest Isle In Woods Level 1

Follow the numbers.And there's three levels to each one,make sure you use the right one.

Vole Hole Big Forest Isle In Woods Level 2

Vole Hole Big Forest Isle In Woods Level 3

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